PQClean Strategic Partnership

IntelliSAW is pleased to announce that it has entered into a strategic partnership with PQClean, of Taiwan.

PQClean, will distribute IntelliSAW's range of products throughout Taiwan. PQClean is a system integrator and supplier of power conditioning, control and monitoring equipment for the electric power industry.

Adding IntelliSAW's unique electrical switchgear temperature monitoring system to its product portfolio will allow PQClean to expand its range of services into the Smart Grid space where IntelliSAW's technology provides real-time, continuous monitoring of mission-critical electric power substation switchgear. IntelliSAW's proprietary solution is wireless and does not require any power to the sensors affording ease of installation and system commissioning while avoiding introducing any arcing or flashover concerns. Moreover the IntelliSAW system outputs data directly onto existing communication networks using standard protocols allowing for instantaneous monitoring and control.

CP Chen, founder and CEO of PQClean, commented "IntelliSAW's system design offers a robust and comprehensive solution to monitoring critical electric power grid assets such as switchgear. We are delighted to be bringing this to our customer base as a means of extending the value our company delivers to the market."

Graham Storey, CEO of Transense, commented "The Transense Board is encouraged by the level of market interest being shown in IntelliSAW's electrical switchgear monitoring solution. The compelling benefits that SAW (Surface Acoustic Wave) based sensing offers for temperature monitoring compared to currently available infra-red or wired solutions provides IntelliSAW with a number of competitive advantages such as being non-invasive (no battery means no requirement to access the sensors in a hazardous environment after installation), providing continuous round-the-clock monitoring (many competing solutions only provide monitoring at pre-determined intervals) and wireless so the system is electrically isolated to greatly improve safety. PQClean has selected the IntelliSAW solution for its customers as it believes it represents the best solution currently available."


IntelliSAW Tel: +1 978 409 1534

Thomas Cunneen, Chief Executive


About PQClean

PQ Clean is a system integrator and supplier of power conditioning, control and monitoring equipment for the electric power industry, based in Taipei City, Taiwan.

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