Fenjin Strategic Partnership in China

Andover, MA, US - IntelliSAW, a leading provider of next generation wireless sensor systems for smart grid applications has entered into a strategic partnership with Wuhan Fenjin Electric Power Technology Co., Ltd ('Fenjin').

Fenjin will provide value-added system integration services for IntelliSAW's innovative wireless/passive temperature monitoring system throughout China in electric power transmission and distribution systems. China has been identified by the Directors as a key geographical region for IntelliSAW. The partnership provides a foundation for the adoption of IntelliSAW's technology within China's high growth Smart Grid market.

Fenjin is a supplier of critical test, control, and monitoring equipment for the electric power industry. Fenjin's twenty years of experience in the power industry has established it as a leading provider within the market.

Access to IntelliSAW's unique electrical switchgear temperature monitoring system will allow Fenjin to expand its portfolio of services into the Smart Grid arena where IntelliSAW's technology provides real-time, continuous monitoring of mission-critical electric power substation switchgear.

IntelliSAW's proprietary solution is wireless and does not require any power to the sensors affording ease of installation and system commissioning while avoiding introducing any arcing or flashover concerns. Moreover the IntelliSAW system outputs data directly onto existing communication networks using standard protocols allowing for instantaneous monitoring and control.

Mr. Henry Zhu, Director of Operations for Fenjin, noted "The IntelliSAW system incorporates several technology advances over legacy wireless solutions including a highly scalable number of sensors per system, flexibility in configuration, and ease of installation through design of the sensor modules and associated electronics. Fenjin's partnership with IntelliSAW is a very good fit with our strengths as a provider to the power industry and we believe it will enhance our position in the Smart Grid space."

Graham Storey, CEO of Transense, commented "During Transense's due diligence of potential partners for IntelliSAW in the Chinese market we identified Fenjin as possessing all the key attributes which we believe are critical to scaling the penetration of our solution within the market there. Our expectation is that Fenjin's existing resource base, business structure, and application expertise will lend itself toward a broad adoption of IntelliSAW's technology in Smart Grid applications. The Board is delighted at the speed with which IntelliSAW has brought its new switchgear monitoring products to launch and that the commercial value of Transense's patented sensor technology is being leveraged within yet another large emerging market sector."


For more information, please contact:


Thomas Cunneen, Chief Executive Tel: +1 978 409 1534

About Wuhan Fenjin Electric Power Technology Co., Ltd.

Wuhan Fenjin Electric Power Technology Co., Ltd was established in Wuhan in 1993, located on the shore of East Lake in Wuhan Optics Valley, China. It specialises in providing electric power system automation and electrical safety solutions to protect high-tech enterprises. It is currently involved in 863 joint venture projects and the National Electric Standardisation Technical Committee Operating Unit.


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