IntelliSAW announces volume production shipments

Andover, MA, US - IntelliSAW, a leading provider of next generation wireless sensor systems for smart grid applications announced today that it is shipping volume production quantities of its IS485 wireless temperature monitoring system.

These systems are being deployed in smart grid power distribution assets where they will provide critical performance data to enhance robustness of the power grid. Industry experts estimate the market opportunity for sensors in Smart Grid applications to reach $85.5B by 2014.

IntelliSAW's IS485 platform brings an advanced feature set as compared to legacy solutions on the market today, including; 12 independent sensor frequencies and four antenna connections per reader which combined allow for up to 48 sensors per system Further, advanced interrogation protocols, closely matched differential sensor topology, and an innovative microcontroller architecture serve to resolve a number of known issues with existing solutions including sensor drop-out, challenging system set-up processes, positional dependence of sensor calibration, and non-compliance to high voltage application environments.

Tom Cunneen, CEO of IntelliSAW notes: "we are very pleased with the progress we have made in bringing the IS485 platform to market. Our team's extensive experience with this technology, and in the smart grid application space have allowed us to offer a very robust, feature enhanced solution that is well aligned for these tough, industrial environments. Moreover, it is very gratifying to see the high degree of market acceptance that our solution has been met with."

IntelliSAW's proprietary solution is wireless and does not require any power to the sensors affording ease of installation and system commissioning while avoiding introducing any arcing or flashover concerns. Moreover the IntelliSAW system outputs data directly onto existing communication networks using standard protocols allowing for instantaneous monitoring and control.

About IntelliSAW

IntelliSAW, a trading division of Transense Technologies plc (AIM: TRT.L), develops and markets patent protected wireless, passive surface acoustic wave (SAW) based sensing systems targeted at challenging industrial applications. Its IS485 family of products provides temperature monitoring of critical electric power switchgear equipment in Smart Grid applications.

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