IntelliSAW announces extended features to its IS485 Temperature Monitoring system

Andover, MA, US - IntelliSAW, a leading provider of next generation wireless sensor systems for smart grid applications announced today a new IM485 Temperature Measurement Meter and IA-xx Air Interface system to complement its market leading IS485 Wireless Temperature Monitoring System.

The IS485 systems are deployed in smart grid power distribution assets where they provide critical performance data to enhance robustness of the power grid. Industry experts estimate the market opportunity for sensors in Smart Grid applications to reach $85.5B by 2014.

IntelliSAW's IS485 system monitors the internal temperature of critical points within energized switchgear, using SAW (surface acoustic wave) based sensors that have no batteries to replace. The IS485 system provides data 24x7 into the operator's SCADA network to identify potential overheating spots before they become critical and cause flashover damage and potential technician injury. The IM485 Temperature Measurement Meter complements this capability by also providing temperature information directly at the outer panel of the switchgear cabinet. The IA-xx Air Interface optimizes the IS485 system by providing a high quality balanced impedance interrogation system with variable mounting methods, variable mast lengths for application matching and high quality cables.

Tom Cunneen, CEO of IntelliSAW notes: "We are very pleased to extend the capability of the IS485 platform for customers who wish to provide temperature readout right on the panel for onsite technicians, and for customers who either don't yet have SCADA systems or who lack systems integration ability. And in addition to taking temperature readings visually, the IM485 Meter has enhanced alarming capability that can be set to trigger local warning klaxons and/or indicator lights when established temperature parameters are exceeded. Additionally, the availability of the Air Interface solution greatly facilitates system set-up and stability over the full range of switchgear cabinet configurations on the market today."

Colin Lanzl, Product Director of IntelliSAW adds: "The new Air Interface system will greatly simplify the installation and commissioning process by our distributors and system integrators, especially in retrofit situations. In addition to improving range and performance by ensuring balanced impedance and high quality cables, the IA-MM base has very aggressive magnets that adhere solidly to ferrous metal cabinet walls. The base can also be mounted to the cabinet via bolts, and the detachable cables further simplify installation."

About IntelliSAW

IntelliSAW, a trading division of Transense Technologies plc (AIM: TRT.L), develops and markets patent protected wireless, passive surface acoustic wave (SAW) based sensing systems targeted at challenging industrial applications. Its IS485 family of products provides temperature monitoring of critical electric power switchgear equipment in Smart Grid applications.



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