IntelliSAW announces the release of an early warning partial discharge (PD) detection system

Andover, MA, US - IntelliSAW, a developer of innovative real-time monitoring solutions for critical assets in electrical power applications, has today released an early warning partial discharge (PD) detection system, providing the ability to detect and report events that are indicative of both surface and internal partial discharge.  Employed in conjunction with IntelliSAW’s existing temperature and humidity sensing systems, the end user is afforded a comprehensive critical asset monitoring solution that delivers continuous reporting of the asset key performance indicators.

Tom Cunneen, CEO of IntelliSAW, commented: “IntelliSAW continues to offer solutions which enhance the reliability of the electrical powergrid with its real-time continuous monitoring systems.  The addition of partial discharge detection to IntelliSAW’s existing temperature and humidity sensing system effectively extends the monitoring capability of the IntelliSAW platform to cover the primary causes of critical asset failure.”

In keeping with IntelliSAW’s core technology, the company’s partial discharge solution is both wireless and passive in operation, making for simple installation and configuration.  The PD system’s ultra-high frequency (UHF) detection scheme and advanced algorithms provide the ability to distinguish noise from actual discharges.  The methods used reduce unwanted false alerts and improve reliability for PD detection even when in close proximity to cellular towers, commonly found near power substations.

The IntelliSAW Critical Asset Monitoring (CAM) platform combines PD, temperature, and humidity data to be presented locally, in addition to resident SCADA system integration with alarming functionality.  The CAM platform offers real-time monitoring of the three main power assets failure modes, allowing customers to optimise performance, improve reliability, lower maintenance costs, and help avoid catastrophic failures. 

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