IntelliSAW gains Industry Canada certificate for wireless, passive critical asset monitoring systems

Andover, MA – July 16, 2015 – IntelliSAW, a developer of innovative real-time monitoring solutions for critical assets in electrical power applications, announces today that it has expanded its regulatory authorizations and achieved Industry Canada certification for its Smart Grid Critical Asset Monitoring Systems.


The IntelliSAW Critical Asset Monitoring (CAM) platform provides the highest safety rating for temperature and partial discharge monitoring for electrical power critical assets through the use of wireless sensing technologies. Advanced Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) wireless temperature sensing and ultra-high frequency (UHF) partial discharge monitoring provide customers with the benefits of passive (no power source), robust, and concise measurements used for asset condition based monitoring and predictive maintenance.

“We continue to invest in the development of our CAM platforms to ensure compliance with industry standards for the electric power industry,” commented Tom Cunneen, CEO of IntelliSAW. “Gaining the Industry Canada certification is a natural extension of our expanding regulatory compliance portfolio and, along with recently achieving the US FCC grant, further strengthens IntelliSAW’s position for integrating its CAM platform into predictive maintenance systems across North America.”

The IntelliSAW CAM platform offers a comprehensive solution for continuous monitoring & trending of temperature, partial discharge and humidity enabling predictive maintenance processes for critical assets used in the delivery of electric power.

For more information, please contact us.

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