IntelliSAW announces new family of sensors designed for LV asset monitoring leveraging its Integrated Near-Field Coupling (iNFC™) technology

IntelliSAW announces new family of sensors designed for LV asset monitoring leveraging its Integrated Near-Field Coupling (iNFC™) technology.

Andover, MA December 3rd, 2018 - IntelliSAW, an Emerson company (NYSE:EMR) delivering critical asset monitoring solutions for electrical power equipment, announces a new family of Integrated Near Field Coupled (iNFC™) temperature sensors specially designed for low-voltage power delivery equipment operating at less than 1000 volts.

Many types of low voltage power delivery equipment such as switchgear, power distribution units (PDU), automatic and static transfer switches (ASTS), and many others, are designed with minimum air-gap insulation spacing requirements also known as Basic Insulation Level (BIL). The BIL of low voltage switchgear is much smaller than that of medium voltage equipment and makes access and installation of monitoring equipment a challenge for any OEM or retrofit project due to the tightly confined spacing of bus bars and cabling within these assets. IntelliSAW’s new iNFC™ sensors are specially designed to accommodate low voltage equipment with an elegant and easy-to-install solution that facilitates the real-time monitoring of these critical assets.

IntelliSAW temperature sensors use Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) passive wireless technology to provide temperature data. The new iNFC™ sensors combine SAW technology with near-field coupling giving operators the BIL safety of wireless, with the scalability of wired solutions. The iNFC™ sensors clip easily onto busbars and cables and can be easily added to low voltage assets in high densities. New mounting options for the iNFC™ sensor family further ensure the solution is both easy and safe to install with custom designs, including designs for plastic-molded circuit breaker cable connections.

“The new iNFC™ family of low voltage sensors eliminate two distinct barriers to entry for low voltage asset monitoring: cost and ease of installation,” said Tom Cunneen, IntelliSAW General Manager. “Our iNFC™ sensors eliminate the need for a broadcast antenna and reduce the overall equipment cost of a system. We are excited about the access this product will afford IntelliSAW to the very large market of unmonitored low voltage assets.”

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