Critical Asset Monitoring - CAM-5

CAM5 no backgroundThe IntelliSAW CAM-5 unit provides data aggregation, storage, analytics, and alarming functionality for the IntelliSAW Critical Asset Monitoring platform, all in a compact form factor with local HMI display. 

A single CAM-5 can support upto 360 connected IntelliSAW sensors allowing a single CAM-5 to monitor multiple assets in parallel. 

The CAM-5 unit supports multiple communications protocols and can easily integrate into DCS or SCADA systems with industry standard communications.

Local data analytics and processing protects SCADA andoperators from data overload and provides critical computations to IntelliSAW's partial discharge monitroing. 

  • Modbus, DNP3, TCP/IP, and IEC 61850 

  • Serial, Ethernet, Fiber, 3rd party wireless


For more information, download our CAM-5 data sheer here: pdf Download (332 KB)

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