Critical Asset Monitoring System Overview

Wireless Temperature and Partial Discharge Monitoring Systems for Critical Asset Monitoring for MV and LV applications.

System with CAM 5

IntelliSAW SAW technology allows you to monitor the health of critical electrical assets such as switchgear, cables, machines, generators and ISO phase bus with our electrically isolated and passive (no power) sensors.


Key Features

  • Passive wireless temperature sensors that require no battery or cables.
  • Capable of measuring all relevant hot spots simultaneously such as busbars, breaker inputs/outputs, and cables.
  • UHF partial discharge monitoring.
  • Humidity and ambient temperature monitoring. 
  • Designed for continuously monitoring 24/7, 365 days a year.
  • IEC61850, DNP-3, and MODBUS-TCP.
  • User-configurable alarms.


IntelliSAW Critical Asset Monitoring Overview External Flier R3.1 CAM qualityDownload IntelliSAW Overview (PDF)





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