Wireless SAW Temperature Sensors

SAW Sensors






The IntelliSAW temperature sensors are the ideal method for real-time, continuous monitoring of medium or low voltage critical asset hot-spots such as bus bars, breaker contacts, and cables.

Surface acoustic wave (SAW) technology enables a 100% wireless, passive (no power required) continuous temperature monitoring sensor. The SAW sensors were specifically designed for electrical power assets with basic insulation levels (BIL) up to 185kV.

  • Range: -25˚C to +155˚C (Accuracy: ±2˚C, Resolution: ±0.2˚C)
  • 20+ year sensor life expectancy
  • Crystal Resonator Technology, no moving parts or electronics.
  • IEC 62271-1 Withstand voltage: 95kV/1m and 185kV impulse
  • IEC 62271-200 Short circuit withstand: 63kA/3s, 171kA peak

For more information download our IS temperature sensor data sheet here: pdf Download (1.70 MB)

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