Low-Profile Wireless Temperature Sensors

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IntelliSAW's low-profile (LP) sensors have all of the benefits of the IntelliSAW SAW (IS) sensors, with slightly differnet dimensions to accomodate differnet installation requirements.  In some installations, having a low-profile sensor allows for installation of sensors where taller bolt-mounted IS sensor would not have the propper clearance.

This low-profile sensor allows for unique istallations, such as installation directly onto a circuit breaker arm.


  • Installation does not require a full outage
  • Can be installed directly onto circuit breakerarms
  • Passive wireless solution, no maintenance 
  • Rated for over 155 degrees celsius operation
  •  24/7 monitoring, trending, and alarms



Download our LP SAW data sheet here: pdf Download (1.13 MB)  



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